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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ৮ ডিসেম্বর ২০২১


Name of the ministry/Division/Organization:

Ministry of commerce, Bangladesh Tea Board

01. Name of the project:

Extension of Small Holding Tea Cultivation in Chattagram Hill Tracts.

Objectives of the project:

(a) To extend small holding tea cultivation in 300 hectares of land by organizing and motivating the farmers in project area.

(b) To provide suitable technologies and financial support to the small tea growers under the program and to train the tea small growers and the executives involved with the implementation of the project for capacity building and skill development.

(c) To establish a BTB’s regional office at Bandarban Sadar and a project office at Ruma Upazila for facilitating small holding tea plantation program.

(d) To develop socio-economic condition of the project area through creating employment opportunity and income generating activities.

         (e) To Establish Tea Processing Factory at project Area.

Implementation period:

             (a) Original: 1st January’ 2016 – 31st December’ 2020

             (b) Revised: 1st January’ 2016 – 31st December’ 2023

Location of the project:

Bandarban sadar, Rowangchari and Ruma upazila

Source of funding (with amount):

Total cost of the project is Tk. 999.35 lakh; (GOB fund will provide Tk. 899.29 lakh and Bangladesh Tea Board will provide Tk. 100.06 lakh)



02.  Name of the Project                              : Eradication of Rural Poverty by Extension of Small Holding Tea Cultivation in Lalmonirhat.

                   Objectives of the Project                       :

a.        To increase tea production of 2,50,000 kg. per year from 100.00 hectare of land in lalmonirhat district to meet increasing local demand and to boost up export market.

b.         To utilize the privately owned and uneconomic lands of Lalmonirhat district.

c.         To create 700 nos. employment opportunities to alleviate poverty and to improve the socio-economic conditions of the rural poor farmers.


Implementation Period  :

a) Original          : July’2015-June’2020

  b) Revised       : July’2015-June’2023


Location of the Project : Lalmonirhat district.

Source of Funding (With amount)             :  Bangladesh Tea Board will provide this fund which generated by Overseas Development Assistance